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1) Creates 14 different types of accounts at the click of a button.

  •    Hotmail
  •    Twitter
  •    Yahoo
  •    Gmail PVA & Youtube Channel Maker
  •    Ustream
  •    Pinterest
  •    Tumblr
  •    AOL
  •    LinkedIn
  •    Wordpress
  •    Vine
  •    Vimeo
  •    Pheed

2) PVA Accounts, Yep thats right, fully phone verified gmail accounts.
3) All accounts use full names, not random characters.
4) Accounts are fully verified. Emailed verified where required, or phone verified!!
5) Multithread web based tool, access it anywhere, even from the beach!
6) Works on every platform, Windows, Mac, Android, Iphone. Totally web based solution.
7) Supports 4 different Captcha Solving Companies - DeathByCaptcha, De-Captcher, ImageTyperz, Expertdecoders
8) Bonus: Make Instant Accounts - Each Day You Can Request 10 Instant Accounts From Some Of The Modules, No Proxies, No Captchas Needed. Thats's 60 Free Accounts Each Day Or 1800 Accounts Per Month!!! This is worth $200 per month, yours FREE!


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Whether your IM method involves, mass tweeting, uploading youtube videos, yahoo answering or ustream video streaming, this is a must have tool to take your $10 days to $1000s overnight. More accounts, means more traffic which translates into more conversions.

This software is the most powerful and versitile system ever to hit the market. Most can create only one type of account, this system does 14 without even flinching. Blows the competition away and also for just a limited time a low price of $47.00 and then $9 per month for maintenance.

As an example, if you never add captcha support, or add your own proxies, you can still make money. Just request 10 free gmail PVA accounts per day. That's 300 accounts per month. Even if you sold on Fiverr, that is $25 per month in your pocket! Instant income, no fuss about it!

That's not even taking into account the 14 other account creators you can make money off of, so I am basically giving this away. It's a steal at this low price.

Now some might ask, why is there a monthly fee. The truth is, I like to support my products and in order to support and keep ahead in the cat and mouse game these companies play, I need to update the software on a constant basis. There is also the dedicated server costs that need to be maintained. This is also the reason that the software is web based. It is easy to update everyone at once and you get the comfort of accessing it anywhere in the world and on any type of device platform.

I'm not into fancy sales pages and long speeches. I am into facts and the fact is this software is untouchable. You could literally start an entire business overnight, just by selling these accounts at places like fiverr or other forums.

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TERMS OF SERVICE: Any abuse of the system will result in a ban.
If you use or create any automated software to click the requests buttons, you will be banned from using the system. Personal sharing of accounts is also not allowed, each user must own their own account. You may allow your VA to login to the system but other than that, no account sharing is allowed. By purchasing this software you are accepting these terms, and you agree to abide by them.


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